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Table 1 Our approach to online student engagement

From: A balancing act: a window into online student engagement experiences

Access Open access admission policy
Flexible progression routes
Student chooses credit load to align to lifeload
Strategic approach to transition Pre-entry: Online socialisation courses, welcome emails and phone calls
On-entry: On campus and/or online orientation: including introduction to their programme, socialisation with staff and students, campus tour, overview of university support services, etc.
New student mentor
Support Programme team support- Check-in emails and phone calls to identify at-risk students, programme support hub on VLE
Module tutor support- synchronous online seminars (evenings and weekends), asynchronous discussion forums, email and phone support
Institutional supports-library, student services, careers
Skills development Online training on the use of the VLE, online classrooms, online library resources
Study skills instruction embedded in year one modules
Additional study skills online seminars throughout the year
Learning design Modules designed for online delivery, following the ABC and Quality Matters approaches (Quality Matters, 2019; Young & Perović, 2018)
Interactive learning resources, multimedia which are informed by usability and accessibility standards
Teacher presence established through welcome video, photo, approach to facilitation
Synchronous and asynchronous interaction
Assessment Programmatic approach to assessment and feedback, aligned to learning outcomes and learning resources
Consist approach to presentation of detailed assignment briefs
Three-week turnaround on assignment feedback using consistent, detailed feedback forms
Variety of assessment approaches
Group work to facilitate sense of belonging