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  • Dossier “Innovation and Good Practices in University Government and Management”
  • Open Access

Digital Scholarship and the Tenure Process as an Indicator of Change in Universities

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education20129:9020347

Received: 15 December 2011

Accepted: 15 February 2012

Published: 15 July 2012


In this paper, the author aims to demonstrate that a practical barometer of how universities are dealing with the changes wrought by a digital, networked world can be found in the manner in which their reward and tenure processes recognise digital scholarship. The use of new technologies by academics to perform research, construct knowledge, disseminate ideas, engage students in learning and conduct a wide range of scholarly activities generates a number of issues for established reward and tenure systems, which can be seen as a representative microcosm of the issues facing universities more generally.


tenuredigital scholarshippromotionresearchmetrics