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Open Access

Evaluation of Information Literacy Programmes in Higher Education: Strategies and Tools

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education20107:7020026

Received: 15 February 2010

Accepted: 15 March 2010

Published: 15 July 2010


On the basis of transformations occurring in the educational model as a consequence of the shift from “producing” to “generating” knowledge, the impact of the digital divide threat, and the rise in “corporate social responsibility” and information literacy, this article analyses European Union policy actions aimed at fostering social inclusion. In the light of the digital divide, social inclusion is seen as a process that places primacy on information competencies. In the context of this competency phenomenon, evaluation has become an extremely important topic, both socially and educationally. Consequently, the article also analyses the concept, approach, design, types and tools of evaluation that can be effectively applied to information literacy programmes. Finally, a proposal is made for the incorporation of evaluation and its tools into an information literacy programme.


information literacyinformation literacy evaluationinformation literacy indicatorsinformation literacy training programmes