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Digital Scientific-Technological Training in Higher Education

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education20107:70200016

  • Received: 15 August 2009
  • Accepted: 15 March 2010
  • Published:


The new socioeconomic and cultural scenarios of the knowledge society demand a new approach to higher education, which must find solutions not only to overcome social and cultural exclusion — particularly in Latin America — but also to the contradictions between a global digital culture and local organisational and professional profiles and needs.

For there to be a genuine development of capacities to break down barriers and to reintroduce a sense of higher education being suited to the needs of the 21st century, it must draw on and give ICTs a new significance, reassessing and adapting all socioeconomic and political-cultural means to bring about a shift from the precariousness of the social significance of research and development to its visibility and appreciation in terms of producing knowledge and scientific-technological products. This is something that must shape our times, by acknowledging the value of an increasingly virtual higher education capable of fostering greater potential for freedom of choice, participation and protagonism.


  • intersections of knowledge society scenarios
  • imaginative challenge for the digital reshaping of higher education in Latin America
  • blended and open e-learning
  • capacity development