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University Lecturers’ Conceptions of Ethics and Citizenship Education in the European Higher Education Area: a Case Study

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International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education201411:11030022

  • Received: 15 February 2013
  • Accepted: 15 February 2014
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Ethics and Citizenship education has become the focus of considerable debate since the launch of the European Higher Education Area. That this is the case is interesting, as it is a type of education that forms part of the educational mission of universities, as its history plainly demonstrates. Ethics and Citizenship education cannot be analysed solely in terms of its pedagogical requirements, the skills and competencies that it seeks to develop, or the type of students and professionals that the world needs today. Its success also requires that we explore what university lecturers understand by this type of education, the context it currently finds itself in, and how students perceive such an education. This paper presents a case study conducted on university lecturers in Education, Philosophy and Humanities at several European institutions.


  • European Higher Education Area
  • ethics
  • citizenship