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Twitter’s contribution to improving strategic communication in Latin American universities

Contribución de Twitter a la mejora de la comunicación estratégica de las universidades latinoamericanas


An analysis was performed to identify the key points for achieving effective strategic communication in universities via Twitter. An evaluation and comparison was made of how 263 universities used Twitter by looking at their followers, tweets, retweets, replies and hashtags. The main purposes for its use were identified as boosting communication among members of its community and disseminating institutional information. Many Latin American universities are active on Twitter, but they need community managers to manage their official profiles to optimise communication and to increase their reach by making the most of their users’ activity.


Se analizan las claves para una comunicación estratégica eficaz de las universidades en Twitter. Se evalúa y compara el uso que 263 universidades hacen de Twitter mediante susseguidores, tweets, retweets, replies y hashtags. Así se obtienen las tendencias prioritarias de su uso para dinamizar la comunicación entre los miembros de su comunidad y difundir información institutional. Muchas universidades iberoamericanas tienen presencia activa en Twitter, pero necesitan a un community manager para gestionar sus perfiles oficiales, optimizar su comunicación e incrementar su alcanceaprovechando la actividad de sus usuarios.


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Guzmán Duque, P.A.P., del Moral Pérez, P.M.E. Twitter’s contribution to improving strategic communication in Latin American universities. Int J Educ Technol High Educ 10, 478–493 (2013).

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