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  • Dossier “Informalisation of Education”
  • Open Access

Professionalisation of Teaching in Universities: Implications from a Training Perspective

International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education201310:10010345

  • Received: 15 February 2012
  • Accepted: 15 October 2012
  • Published:


While the professionalisation of teaching is not a new topic of pedagogical study, its consideration in today’s training context is relevant from a three-fold perspective: 1) Integrating formal, non-formal and informal learning systems; 2) Lifelong learning; and 3) Competency-based training, where importance is placed on initial training and continuing education, and on professional development.

After a review of these three aspects, the article provides a brief characterisation of the professionalisation of teaching and the professional development of teachers. Finally, a number of implications regarding trainer training in higher education are analysed.


  • professionalisation
  • professional development
  • lifelong learning
  • competency-based training
  • trainer training
  • higher education