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Table 1 Summary of related works and this study

From: Gamification suffers from the novelty effect but benefits from the familiarization effect: Findings from a longitudinal study

Source GF CC Context #M MS ID
Mavletova (2015) X   Online survey completion 2 2m <1d
Hanus and Fox (2015)    Communication classroom 3 4w 16w
Mitchell et al. (2017)    Adults physical activities 3 1w 4w
Grangeia et al. (2019)    Medical students 28 1d 4w
Sanchez et al. (2020)    Psychology-related classrooms 3 3-5w 13w
Tsay et al. (2020)    Personal and Professional Development classroom 24 1w 24w
Putz et al. (2020) X X Workshops on sustainable supply chain management 2 2w <1d
Rodrigues et al. (2021)    CS1, Software Engineering classrooms 6 1w 6w
This study X X CS1, STEM classrooms 7 2w 14w
  1. GM Game fiction, CC Competitive-collaborative, #M Number of measures, MS Measures spacing, ID Intervention duration, m months, w weeks, d day