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Table 2 The course design with the DBL model

From: Applying the design-based learning model to foster undergraduates’ web design skills: the role of knowledge integration

Principles Teaching and learning activities
Identify and define context 1. The introduction of the course allowed students to understand the practical situation and prepare for research in advance
2. The teacher used a simple assignment for students to complete so that they had a successful experience and motivation
Background research 1. The teacher introduced related concepts and demonstrated related skills every week
2. In two lessons per week, the teacher explained the topic of the lesson and demonstrated relevant program examples. After that, students practiced by themselves according to the teacher’s example
3. In the last lesson of the week, the teacher assigned an assignment, which could be finished by using the concepts learned in that week
Develop personal and group ideas 1. The teacher assigned a final project at the beginning of the semester, and each student could plan his or her personal design artifact according to his or her departmental background
2. During the mid-term week, students proposed drafts for their artifacts and shared them with the whole class. Their peers could provide suggestions
3. Students could modify their drafts based on the feedback from their peers and instructor, or they conducted background research
Construct artifacts 1. Students implemented the ideas based on the ideas generated in the previous steps
2. Students could discuss with the teacher during the process of creating a project, or they conducted background research
3. Students’ individual artifacts should be completed before the final week
Feedback 1. During the final week, students presented their completed works in presentations and shared them with peers and the teacher who might provide feedback or comments
2. Students could modify the artifact based on the feedback from their peers and instructor, or they conducted further background research
3. Students uploaded the completed work to the online platform for the teacher to grade