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Table 4 A sample lesson plan for mid-tech FI

From: Flipping an on-campus general English course: a focus on technology complexity of instruction and learners’ levels of impulsivity

Activities Purpose
Pre-reading Logging into the website Accessing the pre-class materials
(a) Watching the slideshows Becoming familiar with the topic
(b) Watching multimedia
(c) Checking online sources
(d) Watching the vodcasts (or listening to podcasts) Following teacher’s directions
Reading (a) Reading the passage silently Understanding the main idea
(b) Taking notes, writing down questions, highlighting, scanning, and skimming Deploying reading strategies
Post-reading Doing the exercises Checking students’ understanding
  Completing the task sheets More understanding of the topic
Activities Purpose
Warm up Quiz Checking students’ preparation
Warm up  
(a) Watching a video or presentation Reminding students’ of the topic
(b) Mini talks about the topic  
Collaboration Group work More work on the text (collaboratively)
Reading the text and completing a task sheet Share understanding, clarify ambiguities, discuss important points
Pair work Sharing opinions
(a) Asking and answering Deepening understanding of the topic
(b) Reading and analysing the text Reviewing language forms
Reflection Individual work Self-evaluation
  Reflection Understanding weaknesses and strengths
  Preparation for the coming session Giving orientations and briefing by the teacher