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Table 11 Learning outcomes of FI

From: Flipping an on-campus general English course: a focus on technology complexity of instruction and learners’ levels of impulsivity

Subtheme Group Example quote
The importance of the content
  MT-FI “It was a good class due to the fact that when you watch the videos prior to the class, you are familiar with the topics that are going to be discussed in class next session.”
“If the students want to learn, they have to use all the materials the teacher has provided”
LT-FI “In order to learn the materials, the students should watch the videos twice.”
“I watched the materials several times, so that they remain in my mind longer.”
The importance of concentration
  MT-FI “Language learners should pay attention to the materials in great depth. They should not disregard the course content and materials.”
“We have to pay attention to the flipped class to be able to do the exercises.”
  LT-FI “We should take note and we should be very attentive.”
“The students should pay more attention to the course contents, in comparison to other courses.”
“Concentration on watching films and videos is a must. During our watching and listening we should not speak to anyone”