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Table 10 Challenges and opportunities of FI

From: Flipping an on-campus general English course: a focus on technology complexity of instruction and learners’ levels of impulsivity

Subtheme Group Example quote
The medium of instruction MT-FI “One of the weak points of the flipped classroom was that my teacher just talked in English”
“All the materials were excellent but lack of teaching in Persian was one of its problems”
LT-FI “The teacher should at the end of each lesson explain the grammatical points in Persian.”
“It is really good. But the inclusion of Persian in teaching should not be forgotten”
Workload MT-FI “The amount of teaching is too much”
“If the amount of course materials was less, the students could have learned them better.”
LT-FI “There are some ambiguous parts in the videos, that should be explained by the teacher before the class”
“Some exercises are really difficult to do”
Technological issues MT-FI “The students need to increase the speed of their Internet”
“For a course like this, we need better Internet connection.”
  LT-FI “In some files, the teacher’s voice was low”
“The quality of the videos should improve”
On-the-go learning MT-FI “It is very useful due to the fact that we can use it any time and in any condition, even when we are on the way to go to the university, party, etc.”
  LT-FI “The good point is that you can repeatedly listen to the audio files even when you are driving”
“The students can watch the videos and listen to the voices at any time.”
English private teacher MT-FI “I thought I had a private teacher”
  LT-FI “Flipped classroom was a good idea due to the fact that we could use it at home and it was like a private teacher.”
Achievement MT-FI “Applying the flipped classroom strategy can improve our learning.”
“It is an excellent class, we can learn better by using the materials.”
  LT-FI “It is good. If students use this type of class, they will get twenty.”
“The students can learn the materials easily; and by means of a little try they can get a good grade”
  1. MT-FI  mid-tech flipped instruction, LT-FI  low-tech flipped instruction