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Table 4 Phases of the 5E framework and examples of activities in the online flipped classroom

From: Transitioning to the “new normal” of learning in unpredictable times: pedagogical practices and learning performance in fully online flipped classrooms

5E phase Component Sample teaching and learning activities Mode
Engage Pre-class Depict real-life situations (videos, case-studies); trigger learners’ interest in the subject matter Online (asynchronous)
Explore Pre-class Learner completes self-reflection (forum)
Learner asks questions if necessary (WeChat)
Online (asynchronous)
Explain Pre-class Learner articulates own opinions (forum)
Learner participates in focused peer discussion on specific issues/topics (forum)
Learner asks questions if necessary (WeChat)
Online (asynchronous)
Elaborate In-class Teacher-led class discussion to build understanding; teacher demonstration of strategies (if necessary) (Zoom) Online (synchronous)
Evaluate In-class Student individual/group work and presentation, followed by teacher and peer feedback (Zoom) Online (synchronous)