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Table 2 List of the 21 metrics implemented in Diana 2.0

From: Impact of using learning analytics in asynchronous online discussions in higher education

CategoryIndicatorMetrics implemented in DIANA 2.0Metric type
Communicative interactionConsistency and regularity in group interactionTemporary distribution of individual messagesX 
Temporary and group distribution of messages X
Participation in communicative interactionNumber of messages postedX 
Level of participation in communicative interactionX 
Total number of messages posted X
Number of users participating in the communicative interaction X
Homogeneity in group communicative participation X
Promotion of dialogue and negotiationAnswers postedX 
Total responses posted X
Dialogue level X
Communicative style and language usedAverage extension in communicationX 
Global average extension in communication X
Tag cloud of conversation spaces X
Degree of adaptation of the discourse to the semantic field X
Communication typeDispersion / concentration of conversations X
Visual representation of asynchronous communicative interaction (graph of nodes - SNA) X
Information management and exchangeExchange of information within the groupNumber of files published /attachedX 
Number of links published / attachedX 
Number of global files published / attached X
Number of global links published / attached X