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Table 3 Smartphone usage by the faculty members (in general)

From: A qualitative exploration of teachers’ perspective on smartphones usage in higher education in developing countries

CategoryActivityNo. of RespondentsPercentage of RespondentsExample of Quotations
CommunicationAudio/Video Calling22100%Respondent 4: “I mostly use my Smartphone for email communication. I find it very convenient to check email while on the go or on my bed.”
 Sending and receiving Emails22100%
 Sending and receiving SMS/MMS22100%
Social NetworkingUsing Facebook1882%Respondent 9: “We have created a WhatsApp group for our department and I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and reading posts of the group members.”
 Using Twitter1256%Respondent 10: “I keep myself in touch with my family and friends using Facebook. It is easy to share posts on Facebook using my Smartphone.”
 Using WhatsApp1882%
EntertainmentWatching YouTube videos22100%Respondent 11: “During my spare time I entertain myself watching videos on YouTube. I have downloaded lot of my favorite songs on my Smartphone and listen them while jogging and lying on my bed.”
 Listening Music1360%
 Playing Games1150%
 Reading books941%
 Audio/Video Recording22100%
Collecting and Sharing InformationSurfing the internet22100%Respondent 1: “For all my queries in my daily life the first point of reference is the Internet which I access using my Smartphone.”
 Reading newspaper1256%Respondent 2: “Each morning I browse headlines of all the leading newspapers using my Smartphone.”
 Reading Blogs836%
 Sharing Posts940%
Managing daily choresCalling Uber/Careem733%Respondent 12: “I am a frequent Uber and Careem user …. I can’t commute without my Smartphone.”
 Getting Weather Updates1045%Respondent 21: “Whenever I plan to take my family for outing I get weather update and directions for driving using Google Maps. I really find it helpful using Google maps on my Smartphone while driving to new places.”
 Using Calculator1673% 
 Using Calendar1360% 
 Using Google Maps for direction1253%