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Table 3 Fornell-Larcker Criterion

From: Does sociability quality of web-based collaborative learning information system influence students’ satisfaction and system usage?

ConstructsSystem QualityInformation QualityService QualitySociability QualitySystem UseUser SatisfactionNet Benefits
System Quality0.796      
Information Quality0.6890.826     
Service Quality0.1930.1700.794    
Sociability Quality0.6990.7550.1770.812   
System Use0.6350.6420.3250.7410.864  
User Satisfaction0.7140.6300.3340.6850.7350.869 
Net Benefits0.6360.7200.2950.7880.7860.7830.798
  1. Note: Values in bold are the square roots of average variance extracted (AVE)