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Table 3 Heuristic prompts

From: Case study of creativity in asynchronous online discussions

Week Course Prompt
2 ITEC 3520 Pick one of the following activities and discuss.
1. Select a tool from 24 Essential Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools ( and investigate it further.
2. What are the system requirements for the tool? Is it web based or is it a standalone application?
3. Are there free and paid versions of the tool?
4. What are the differences in subscription levels, if any?
5. Would you be willing to pay for it if you had to?
6. How would you use the tool?
7. What kind of projects would the tool help you with?
8. Which step of the brainstorming process (as described in textbook, p. 15) could benefit the most from using the tool?
9. Identify a tool to help you create a sketchnote on a concept from Chapter 2 of textbook and share the finished product. How does your personal visual literacy influence sketchnotes? Lastly, share a tip about how you brainstorm
3 ITEC 3550 What do you like most and least about giving peer feedback? How about when you receive feedback? Does your reaction change based upon who is giving the feedback or to whom you are giving feedback? How have you move beyond superficial comments?