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Table 1 A summary of two flipped learning weeks in FSE. The left-hand column outlines the topic and key concepts explored in the flipped videos, while the right-hand column presents a summary of the active learning strategies implemented in class

From: Are first year students ready for a flipped classroom? A case for a flipped learning continuum

Flipped video topic and key concepts Active learning strategy
Week 2: An introduction to human population growth. • In small groups, students construct a mind map that illustrates the key ideas associated with current trends in human population and the contributing factors.
 Current trends in human population growth and the reasons behind them. • In doing so, students consider the following questions: How is the world’s population trending? Why? Drawing on Reading 1 (Campbell, 2007), what are the implications for fertility and child mortality? Compare developing versus developed regions.
Week 11: An introduction to the greenhouse effect. • In pairs, students draw a labeled diagram that illustrates the greenhouse effect, and compare, discuss and refine diagrams with a neighbouring pair.
 What is the greenhouse effect, and how it occurs. • Students complete the What I know and What I want to know section of the KWL chart (handout) and return it to their lecturer.