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University Students’ Attitudes Towards and Expectations of the Educational Use of Social Networks

  • Cinta Espuny Vidal1,
  • Juan González Martínez1Email author,
  • Mar Lleixà Fortuño2 and
  • Mercè Gisbert Cervera1
RUSC, Universities and Knowledge Society Journal20118:8010186

Received: 15 May 2010

Accepted: 15 October 2010

Published: 15 January 2011


In the last few years, social networks have revolutionised the way in which many people relate to each other, but their use is still very limited in the academic field. When they are used, the experiences tend to be very isolated and lacking in continuity. In this context, and by means of a questionnaire, our objective is to bring an element of reflection on students’ attitudes towards the use of social networks in general, and their use and potential in an educational context in particular. The aim is to compel students to think about these attitudes as a vital first step in getting them to accept and realise the educational potential of social networks.


education technologysocial networksexpectationshigher education