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Table 4 Means and standard deviation of the questionnaire items (adapted from Li & Li, 2017)

From: Turnitin peer feedback: controversial vs. non-controversial essays

1.I enjoyed using Turnitin for peer feedback.3.631.05
2.My experience with Turnitin-based peer feedback was positive.3.690.98
3.I found Turnitin’s originality report on my assignments helpful.3.790.85
4.I used Turnitin’s originality report to revise my work.3.621.07
5.Turnitin has helped me become better at citing sources.3.810.86
6.I found the peer feedback I received on Turnitin helpful.3.750.90
7.I found the PeerMark questions helpful for my peer feedback.3.750.99
8.I enjoyed using PeerMark commenting tools to provide peer feedback.3.601.05
9.I enjoyed using composition marks to provide peer feedback.3.690.97
10.I prefer conducting peer feedback using Turnitin to doing face-to-face peer feedback.3.691.15
11.I incorporated Turnitin peer feedback into my revision.3.770.67
12.Peer feedback using Turnitin improves my writing skills.3.900.80