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Table 2 STEM Knowledge and Skills Pre/Post Survey

From: Development of a course based on BEAM robots to enhance STEM learning in electrical, electronic, and mechanical domains

Domain Survey questions
Electrical I can explain Ohm’s law
I can indicate the value of an electrical resistance just by looking at it
I know the difference between alternating and direct current
I can measure voltage and electrical current
I can measure how much energy an electrical capacitor store
I can build an electrical or electronic circuit capable of exerting control
A photovoltaic cell converts solar energy into electrical energy
As the angle of incidence of light in a solar cell change, the amount of electrical energy converted changes
Electronic I identify the symbols of a transistor, diode, capacitor, resistor, LED, photovoltaic cell, and motor
Transistors and diodes are semiconductors
I can calculate how much current a LED can receive without being damaged
I feel able to weld with tin and iron
I can unsolder an electronic piece of equipment
I can identify the polarity of a LED just by looking at it
I can solder using an electronic circuit as a guide
Mechanics The direction of rotation of a direct current electric motor depending on the polarity of the power source
An electric motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy
Computational thinking I can explain what an algorithm is
I can describe a process involving mechanical, electrical, and electronic elements using an algorithm
I can program the behavior of a BEAM Robot in a programming language
Recycling of WEEEs I can recover from electronic equipment, elements such as a resistor, a capacitor, a motor, etc
Disposal equipment can be totally or partially reused