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Table 1 List of works used as a reference for the design of the course, the curriculum, and the investigation

From: Development of a course based on BEAM robots to enhance STEM learning in electrical, electronic, and mechanical domains

References Paper name Topic contributed to the proposal
Hasslacher and Tilden (1995) Living machines BEAM robotics fundamentals and criteria
Ruiz del solar and Avilés (2004) Robotics courses for children as a motivation tool: The Chilean experience BEAM robots as a teaching–learning tool
Tuluri (2017) Robotics in STEM Education: Redesigning the Learning Experience Integration of robotics into the STEM curriculum and design of STEM experiences with robotics
Rihtaršič et al., (2016) Experiential learning of electronics subject matter in middle school robotics courses Educational robotics for the development of skills and abilities in electronics, curricular design, and research
Becker et al., (2014) Project circuits in an introductory electric circuits course Use of project-based learning for teaching electrical circuits in engineering students
Zhao et al., (2016) Android-based mobile educational platform for speech signal processing Development and research on a new platform for teaching electrical engineering students
Cucchiella et al., (2015) Recycling of WEEEs: An economic assessment of present and future e-waste streams State of the art of different WEEE streams and sustainable management