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Table 1 Review on the 2050 Calculators currently available worldwide

From: The use of system dynamics for energy and environmental education

  Webtool available Supporting info Calculations Launching year Languages Comment Website
Australia Yes Not found Not found 2015 English The calculator is fully operational
Austria Yes Available Not found 2015 German The calculator has both a light and full version, but only the light version is currently available online
Currently offline:
Bangladesh No Available Not found 2015 English The calculator is fully operational
Belgium Yes Available Partially available 2011 (initially only for Wallonia) French, English, Flemish Light and full versions are both available. See also the article on the Belgium Calculator by Berger et al. (2020)
Brazil Yes Not found Available 2016 (calculator), 2021 (simulator) Portuguese (the simulator is also available in English version) Focused on energy planning. Developed by the Brazilian Energy Research Company (EPE) in collaboration with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). In 2021, UFRJ, the World Resources Institute (WRI), Energy Innovation LLC, and the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MCTI) launched the 2050 National Simulator for Sectorial Policies and Emissions 2050 Calculator (currently offline):
2050 Simulator:
China Yes Not found Not found 2012 Chinese, English The link for the webtool available on the provided website is broken. The calculator was developed by the Energy Research Institute of the China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)
Colombia Yes Available Available 2015 Spanish There is a game and a full version of the model
Czech Rep Yes Available Available 2016 Czech Full version of the model and all links working properly
Ecuador No Not found Not found 2016 Spanish Developed by the former National Institute for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (INER), currently Institute of Geological and Energy Research (IIGE). Apparently, the webtool is apparently no longer available Currently offline
India Yes Available Available 2014 English Full version of the model with all links working properly. Pathways by 2047
Indonesia Yes Available Available 2014 Bahasa Indonesia It is a complex and very well documented Calculator. There is also a Papua 2050 calculator. However, their links are both currently broken Currently offline:
Ireland Yes Available Available 2016 English Very well-designed website with a variety of historical and technical documentation. It has tutorial videos and includes a light version
Japan Yes Available Available 2014 Japanese, English Full version available. It is called Japan 2050 Low Carbon Navigator. This navigator was assessed by Moinuddin and Kuriyama (2019)
Mauritius Yes Available Available 2015 English Full version available, links working properly
Mexico Yes Available Available 2015 Spanish The calculator website is currently inaccessible. It includes a light version. There is also an independent assessment about the Mexico 2050 Calculator in Elizondo et al. (2017) Currently offline:
See also:
New Zealand Yes Available Available 2016 English This calculator is focused on national and local (Wellington City) approaches
Nigeria Yes Not found Available 2015 English Classical 2050 calculator
South Africa Yes Available Available 2014 English This calculator has both a full and a light version, as well as a blog with further explanations. Note: the full version takes significant time for displaying and processing
Southeast Europe No Available Available 2015 English, Bosnian, Croatian, Albanian, Montenegrin,
Available in several languages of Southeast Europe, in addition to English. The calculator includes an interactive game. Links currently broken Currently offline:
See also:
South Korea No Available Available 2013 Korean It includes the full version of the calculator, links working properly. It is only available in Korean language
Switzerland Yes Available Available 2015 English, French, German, Italian Full version available. It has a guide and tutorial video. Link currently broken Currently offline:
Taiwan Yes Not found Not found 2013 English, Taiwanese Classical version of the 2050 calculator. It includes the option to save the generated graphs as images and a light version. Websites currently broken
Currently offline:
Thailand No Not found Not found 2014 Thai It is also known as “Thai 2050 Energy Pathways Calculator” and has a light version. Apparently, the webtool is currently offline. An updated version is in progress
Currently offline:
United Kingdom Yes Available Available 2010 English The UK was the pioneer in preparing a classic version of the calculator. An update version is also available, called Mackay Carbon Calculator, as well as a light version (My 2050). In addition, it has pathways by 2100 Mackay:
My 2050:
Previous versions:
2050 Energy Calc:
United States Yes Yes Not found 2021 English Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) through the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Idaho National Laboratory (INL), and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
See also:
Vietnam Yes Available Partial Available 2015 Vietnamese Full version. Links working properly
See also:
European Calculator (EUCalc) Yes Available Available 2020 English Full version available. The EUCalc was led by PIK-Potsdam (Germany), involving several other European institutions, supported by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme
The Global Calculator Yes Available Available 2015 Bahasa, Indonesia, English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish Full version available. The calculator was led by former UK DECC (currently BEIS), including several international partners, such as Imperial College London, Climact (Belgium), E&Y (India), ERI (China), WRI (EUA)
  1. Last access of the websites cited within the table: Oct 2021. National 2050 Calculators currently in development: Kenya, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Zimbabwe. See more at: See also the Climate Interactive tools at: Source: prepared by the authors