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Table 4 Description of ECs and objectives

From: Educational chatbots for project-based learning: investigating learning outcomes for a team-based design course

EC Name of Bot Objective Respondents
1 Welcome Bot i.To gather student information such as full name, nickname, gender, student ID, email, and Telegram ID Number
ii.To update the user database
iii.To obtain permission to be contacted through Telegram and to use their data based on the data protection act
2 Group Registration Bot To group students and update the user database All
3 Group leader registration Bot To register as a group leader or team member and update the user database All
4 Project registration Bot To update project name and acronym Group leader
5 Assignment Bot To access and download learning contents All
6 Picaso Bot To upload contents through the bot All
7 Perception bot To gather feedback on the EC and acceptance All
8 Progress Bot To rate students' self-perceived progress in their project, identify teamwork and project development issues All
9 Report writing Bot FAQ to guide students on how to write the project report All
10 Peer to peer evaluation Bot Peer to peer feedback platform for presentation All