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Table 3 Describing RiPE for educational chatbots

From: Educational chatbots for project-based learning: investigating learning outcomes for a team-based design course

Factors Description
Reliability The chatbot should be easy to access through a stable and private platform where the learner can depend on the chatbot to gain continuous feedback with confidence
Interpersonal communication The chatbot should establish a relationship between learner-learner and learner-instructor through activities that enable them to relate, share information, communicate, and/or collaborate
Pedagogy The chatbot provides learning content and activities that align with the learning goals of the course. Therefore, while facilitating a personalized learning platform, the chatbot should also embody active learning and communication strategies that allow the instructor to monitor learning progress
Experience The chatbot should be deployed on a preferred communication platform and reflect how learners communicate in a natural online setting. Affective interaction such as greetings, humor, emojis, and/or empathy should also be included to improve emotional engagement. Furthermore, the interaction should be based on small learning units strategized for micro-learning