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Table 2 EC design strategies from empirical findings

From: Educational chatbots for project-based learning: investigating learning outcomes for a team-based design course

Factors Contextualization of RiPE Kerly et al. (2007) Gonda et al. (2019) Smutny and Schreiberova (2020) Satow (2017) Stathakarou et al. (2020) Garcia Brustenga et al. (2018)
Reliability Easy access to a stable platform    
Feedback for continuous improvement      
Pedagogy Learning contents that are reliable, precise, and specific to the subject  
Alignment with learning goals   
Active learning that promotes reflection and metacognition     
Encourages communication and collaboration in the learning community      
Personalize learning and feedbacks     
Progress management     
Experience Realistic humanized communication with social cue    
Affective interaction (greetings, humor, anthropomorphism, empathy)   
Social media and MIM affordance