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Table 4 Multi-group results across methods for the first-order measurement models

From: Gamification and active learning in higher education: is it possible to match digital society, academia and students' interests?

Loadings Control group (Group 1) vs. Experimental group (Group2)
p-values (a)
Parametric test
Welch-Satterthwaite t-test
Block 1 – Students’ skills (SKI)    
 SKI1 0.744ns 0.579ns 0.578ns
 SKI2 0.848ns 0.312ns 0.332ns
 SKI3 0.987* 0.069ns 0.072ns
 SKI4 0.727ns 0.591ns 0.593ns
 SKI5 0.903ns 0.283ns 0.291ns
 SKI6 0.948ns 0.168ns 0.175ns
Block 2 – Students’ satisfaction (SAT)    
 SAT1 0.846ns 0.400ns 0.405ns
 SAT2 0.527ns 0.976ns 0.976ns
  1. ns non-significant
  2. ***p = 0.00; **p < 0.01; *p < 0.05