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Table 6 Types of ways to motivate learners

From: Investigating feedback implemented by instructors to support online competency-based learning (CBL): a multiple case study

Ways of motivating The quoted feedback examples
Directly encourage learners "Keep up the good work!"
Highlight the value of the learning tasks "These kinds of videos are so helpful in math classes because students often need something demonstrated multiple times to make it work."
Provide normative referential information "Most students have needed 3–4 rounds of revisions to get this perfect, so this is pretty good for a second shot."
Show positive expectation "So, I really want you to do well on this. This seems like it's going to be really good!"
Clarify the goals of tasks "Don't worry about being 'denied' at this point. We will give you a chance to resubmit this challenge again once we complete the peer review in class on Wednesday."