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Table 5 Types of suggestions for improving the work

From: Investigating feedback implemented by instructors to support online competency-based learning (CBL): a multiple case study

Types of suggestions The quoted feedback examples
Correct examples "You could transform your question into an objective, by saying something like, 'Students will be able to identify (by circling (or whatever you might choose as a method) good practices for a good learning environment.'"
Negative examples "When write performance statement, you should … Nouns like "evaluation, analysis" should not be used."
Steps to guide learners to complete the work "My suggestion is to re-consider these three items highlighted … Then, review the document (entitled [file name]), and re-do for that part."
Directions to resources "Review the document "[file name] (you can download it from LMS)."
Cueing leading to more effective information search "Think about making your behavior more specific—what is 'fractional use?' Are they solving a problem or applying a concept? Think about this moving forward and keep in mind behavioral objectives."
Guide learners to review tasks requirements "Make sure you review the final requirements for the module so you can be sure you have everything there."