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Table 4 Types of problems identified in diagnostic feedback

From: Investigating feedback implemented by instructors to support online competency-based learning (CBL): a multiple case study

Types of problems The quoted feedback examples
The concerns "I think your content is good, but I'm a bit concerned with the interactivity of your module."
The misunderstandings learners had "Just keep in mind that 'assessment' doesn't necessarily mean 'quiz' or 'test,' so as you move forward if you decide you want to include something else or take out a quiz or whatever, that's completely fine."
The erroneous elements "Remember, objectives focus on what the learner will do, not what the instructor will do…"
The missing pieces "There is one piece missing from your form 'fuzzy and specific…'"
Unnecessary parts "Please just keep the performance part, no need to include a criterion for this challenge."
Technical issues that stop evaluation "[Badge LMS name] doesn't like to display tables well, and so it's blocking me from seeing anything that you've submitted."
The part which needs revision "The A(audience), B(behavior), C(condition) components (of learning objectives) are covert, so if that's what you're submitting, then it needs revision."
The work that is confusing "There is a little back and forth zooming with the first picture that I don't quite understand."