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Table 1 SLR research questions and rational

From: Understanding students’ behavior in online social networks: a systematic literature review

SLR research question Rational and motivation
RQ1. What was the research context covered in previous studies? The answer to this question will allow us to identify the regions where studies were conducted and show the regions that have a high number of studies focusing on student behaviors in OSNs
RQ2. What were the focus and trends of previous studies? This question aims to identify the focus of each empirical study, as well as to highlight trends in the topic during the reviewed period. The outcome from this question will provide an overview of the research streams that can provide a roadmap for future research
RQ3. What research methods were used in previous studies? This question aims to extract and summarize the research methods used in previous studies (Survey, experiment, interview, etc.). This will help readers understand the nature of the research in the literature on how students behave in OSNs
RQ4. What were the major theories adopted in previous studies? This question aims to identify the theories that have been adopted to understand student behaviors in OSNs. These theories provide a theoretical foundation of student behavioral research in OSNs
RQ5. What important factors were studied to understand student usage behaviors in OSNs? The aim of this question is to extract and categorize the factors that influence student behaviors in OSNs. Drawing on the S-O-R model, these questions will provide an in-depth perspective on what factors (Stimulus) incite student reactions toward various usage behaviors in OSNs