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Table 3 The Lecture Topics of the Chinese TOL

From: Redeveloping a global MOOC to be more locally relevant: design-based research

 Lecture Topic 
Week 1What is Learning?Instructor
 Theme 1.1What is Learning? 
Chinese Version WelcomeKen-Zen Chen
Terrence Sejnowski and Barbara Oakley--Introduction to the Course StructureTerrence Sejnowski & Barbara Oakley
What is Learning? (How Brains Learn?)Terrence Sejnowski
 Theme 1.2Focus and Diffused Mode 
The Neuro Mechanism of Memory and LearningMooming Poo
Introduction to the Focused and Diffuse ModesBarbara Oakley
Using the Focused and Diffuse Modes--Or, a Little Dali will do YouBarbara Oakley
 Theme 1.3How Do Brains Process Information? 
Will Listen and Watch at the Same Time Overburn Our Brains?Ken-Zen Chen
Hearing and Vision: Interesting but Limited Information Receiving ChannelsKen-Zen Chen
Selecting Learning Materials that are Informationally Well-PresentedKen-Zen Chen
Summary of Week 1Ken-Zen Chen & Barbara Oakley
Week 2Memory 
 Theme 2.1What is Memory? 
Is "Memorizing" an Old-Fashioned Learning?Ken-Zen Chen
Practice Makes PermanentBarbara Oakley
Introduction to MemoryBarbara Oakley
Diving Deeper into MemoryBarbara Oakley
What is Long Term Memory?Terrence Sejnowski
Memory Network: Evidences from NeurosciencesMooming Poo
Consolidate Your Memory and the Forgetting CurveKen-Zen Chen
 Theme 2.2Tools and Strategies that Improves your Memory 
Creating Meaningful Groups and the Memory Palace TechniqueBarbara Oakley
Digital Flashcard that Reminds You to Review What You Nearly ForgetKen-Zen Chen
Summing Up MemoryBarbara Oakley
Attention and ConcentrationKen-Zen Chen
Lower Your Cognitive LoadKen-Zen Chen
Summary of Week 2Ken-Zen Chen & Barbara Oakley
Week 3Chunking and Motivation 
 Theme 3.1Building Useful Chunks 
Introduction to ChunkingBarbara Oakley
What is a Chunk?Barbara Oakley
How to Form a ChunkBarbara Oakley
The Value of a Library of ChunksBarbara Oakley
 Theme 3.2Why Are We Eager to Learn? 
Chasing Success, or, Avoiding Failure?Ken-Zen Chen
What Motivates You?Terrence Sejnowski
The Development of Self-ConsciousnessMooming Poo
Confidence and Self-EfficacyKen-Zen Chen
Attribution and AchievementKen-Zen Chen
Summary of Week 3Ken-Zen Chen & Barbara Oakley
Week 4Procrastination and How to Beat it? 
 Theme 4.1Overcome Procrastination 
Habit: An Energy-Saving Trick of our BrainsKen-Zen Chen
Introduction to Procrastination and MemoryBarbara Oakley
A Procrastination PreviewBarbara Oakley
Tackling Procrastination - It's Easier, and More Valuable, Than You ThinkBarbara Oakley
Zombies EverywhereBarbara Oakley
Summing Up ProcrastinationBarbara Oakley
 Theme 4.2Build up Good Habits 
Surf's Up: Process Versus ProductBarbara Oakley
Harnessing Your Zombies to Help YouBarbara Oakley
Juggling Life and LearningBarbara Oakley
The Importance of Sleep in LearningBarbara Oakley
Creating Your "A-Hah Moment"! (sharp understanding, quick enlightenment)Ken-Zen Chen
Summary of Week 4Ken-Zen Chen & Barbara Oakley
Week 5Reading and Writing Effectively 
 The Learning Mechanism of ReadingKen-Zen Chen
Reading Strategies for Knowledge-based TextsKen-Zen Chen
Reading Strategies for Chart, Graph, and Literature-based TextsKen-Zen Chen
Writing: The Best Way to Craft What You KnowKen-Zen Chen
The Adaptability of Your BrainsMooming Poo
Summary of Week 5Ken-Zen Chen
Week 6Tips for Study and Test-Prep 
 Theme 6.1The (mis)conception of Studying 
How to Become a Better LearnerTerrence Sejnowski
Introduction to Renaissance Learning and Unlocking Your PotentialBarbara Oakley
Create a Lively Visual Metaphor or AnalogyBarbara Oakley
Illusions of CompetenceBarbara Oakley
"Smart Pills", Are They Real?Ken-Zen Chen
How Do Brains Develop during our Infancy? What Does "Key Developmental Period" Mean?Mooming Poo
Top 10 Street Myths of our Brains.Ken-Zen Chen
 Theme 6.2Tips for Test-Prep 
Overlearning, Choking, Einstellung, and InterleavingBarbara Oakley
A Test ChecklistBarbara Oakley
Hard Start - Jump to EasyBarbara Oakley
Final Helpful Hints for TestsBarbara Oakley
Summary of Renaissance LearningBarbara Oakley
Summary of Week 6Ken-Zen Chen
Week 7Teaching Benefits Learning (and vice versa) 
 Why do Teaching and Learning Promote and Enhance Each Other?Ken-Zen Chen
No Need for Genius EnvyBarbara Oakley
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your LifeBarbara Oakley
The Value of TeamworkBarbara Oakley
Wrap up to the Course by Terrence Sejnowski and Barbara OakleyBarbara Oakley & Terrence Sejnowski
Concluding Remark of Chinese LHTLKen-Zen Chen
  1. Topics in italics were new topics prepared by the two landing instructors