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Table 2 Overview of the settings in the four iterations

From: Redeveloping a global MOOC to be more locally relevant: design-based research

Version# of StudentsScope of the Iteration
Iteration 1 (alpha) Spring 2017Face-to-face: 151. Test new modules
2. Test navigation of course site
3. Try out assignments and quizzes
4. Gather student feedback
5. Design accompany face-to-face learning activities
Iteration 2 (beta) Fall 2017eWant: 15601. Field-test the completed beta course with real MOOC learners
2. Invite learners to troubleshoot course contents
3. Create community development protocol with TAs
4. Invite external reviewers for expert feedback
Iteration 3 (official) Spring 2018eWant: 462 XuetangX: 2125 CNMOOC: 310 NetEase: 1268 MOOC-inside: 121. Deliver the revised course in China
2. Approach different types of MOOC learners
3. Compare learner experience across platforms
4. Embed research in landing TOLs
Iteration 4 (official, variation A) Summer 2018eWant: 1481. Pilot fully online, for-credit, general education course
2. Gauge course requirements
3. Spread the experience of for-credit offering (variation A) to China