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Table 10 Descriptive results and consequent decision

From: Predicting academic success in higher education: literature review and best practices

StatisticsFurther ActionsRef.
Mean, median, Standard deviation, Variance, Kurtosis, Range, FrequencyStudy the distribution of each variable(Adekitan & Salau, 2019; Asif et al., 2015; Asif et al., 2017)
P-CorrelationStudying the relationship between two variables of interest (correlations)(Adekitan & Salau, 2019; Asif et al., 2015; Hamoud et al., 2018; Oshodi et al., 2018)
Response plot, HeatmapExplain the results of the DM model(Adekitan & Salau, 2019; Asif et al., 2017)