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Table 1 Summary of the design fictions

From: Exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence and robots on higher education through literature-based design fictions

  Technologies involved Time frame Genre Area of application to HE
Fiction 1: AIDan, the teaching assistant Intelligent tutoring systems, adaptive pedagogical agents, use of sensors to allow affective/embodied adaptivity Future Traditional design scenario Teaching
Fiction 2: Footbotball Robots Future Soliloquy Extra curricula activity
Fiction 3: CriticalBot in conversation Conversational agent Present Dialogue Teaching
Fiction 4: The intelligent campus app Smart campus: wayfinding, nudging Present/near future Mundane, day in the life Estates management/ Teaching
Fiction 5: Research Management Suite TM Text and Data Mining, auto summarisation, auto writing Future Marketing and PR material Research
Fiction 6: Verbatim minutes of University AI project steering committee: AI implementation phase 3 Not defined Near future Meeting minutes All
Fiction 7: Dashboards Data mining, conversational agents Future Soliloquy Administration/Teaching
Fiction 8: Minnie, the AI admin assistant Conversational agents Near future Surreal, cyberpunk dystopia Administration,
Wider social infrastructure