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Table 5 Top cited studies

From: Big data in education: a state of the art, limitations, and future research directions

R4The role of big data and cognitive computing in the learning process23
R8Using Big Data in the Academic Environment22
R32Internet use that reproduces educational inequalities: Evidence from big data15
R40Big Data Application in Education: Dropout Prediction in Edx
R36Discovering Big Data Modeling for Educational World25
R21The Life Between Big Data Log Events23
R33Mining theory-based patterns from Big data: Identifying self regulated learning strategies in Massive Open Online Courses53
R23CS principles goes to middle school29
R5Toward an integration of Big Data, technology and information systems competencies into the accounting curriculum54
R27Education and training for a successful career in Big Data and Business Analytics51
R38Data entry: towards the critical study of digital data and education168