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Table 1 A data literacy competencies matrix (Ridsdale et al., 2015)

From: How stakeholders’ data literacy contributes to student success in higher education: a goal-oriented analysis

Competencies areaCompetencies
Data collectionData Discovery and Collection
Evaluating and Ensuring the Quality of Data and Sources
Data managementData Organization
Data Manipulation
Data Conversion (from format to format)
Metadata Creation and Use
Data Curation, Security, and Reuse
Data Preservation
Data evaluationData Tools
Basic Data Analysis
Data Interpretation (Understanding Data)
Identifying Problems Using Data
Data Visualization
Presenting Data (Verbally)
Data-Driven Decisions Making (DDDM) (Making decisions based on data)
Data applicationCritical Thinking
Data Culture
Data Ethics
Data Citation
Data Sharing
Evaluating Decisions Based on Data