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Table 1 Requests by database

From: Recommender systems to support learners’ Agency in a Learning Context: a systematic review

Database Request Number of results
Results Since 2008 Peer reviewed
Education Source DE “Recommender systems” OR TI “Recommend* system*” OR TI “Recommender*” OR AB “Recommend* system*” OR AB “Recommender*” 435 376 343
ERIC DE “Data Analysis” AND DE “Individualized Instruction” OR TI “Recommend* system*” OR TI “Recommender*” OR AB “Recommend* system*” OR AB “Recommender*” 325 221 144
Computers & Applied Sciences Complete (ZU "recommender systems" OR ZU "recommender systems (information filtering)" OR TI "Recommend* system*" OR TI "Recommender*" OR AB "Recommend* system*" OR AB "Recommender*") AND (ZU "learning" OR ZU "education" OR TI learn* OR TI education* OR AB learn* OR AB education*) 593 550 527