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Table 6 The evolution of topic content about programming implementation over time

From: Topic tracking model for analyzing student-generated posts in SPOC discussion forums

Course Topic Label Time Unit 5
9–10 week
Time Unit 7
13–14 week
Time Unit 8
15–16 week
Time Unit 9
17 week
Data Structure Programming
(Topic 14)
串/string 串/string 空间/space. 位置/index
位置/index 语言/language 分配/allocation 出现/appear
出现/appear 出现/appear 串/string 第一次/first time
第一次/first time 位置/index 长度/length 字符/character
理解/understand 字符/character size 串/string
字符/character 函数/function 元素/element 理解/understand
代码/code java length 线性/linear
过程/process 第一次/first time 执行/execute 代码/code
锻炼/exercise 输入/input 定义/definition 编写/compile
找到/find 变量/variable 连续/succession 表达式/expression