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Table 5 Course sections

From: The implementation of Small Private Online Courses (SPOC) as a new approach to education

The course guidelines clearly state the objectives  34950
The objectives are in line with my training needs1 164342
The objectives are realistic and achievable  13368
The contents of the course are current 232374
The contents are clear and easily understood 133365
The contents are in line with my training needs1494147
The contents are interesting 1114446
The contents have been sufficient and adequate for the completion of the course1143858
I had enough time to complete the tasks  41979
The duration of the course is proportionate to its contents 343164
The evaluation has been consistent with the objectives and contents 172371
The course evaluation criteria are clear1452468
The questionnaires at the end of each section are adequate2 42472
Communication with the tutors has been easy  101577
Doubts and queries have been answered quickly and clearly  81777
This course has enabled me to update the methodologies I use in my daily work13193742
With the training I received I now know more and carry out my work better1593948
Overall, the course met my expectations1293951
I would recommend other people to take the course in future editions1172469