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Table 4 Descriptive Statistics and t-test Results for TPACK-practical and Its Subscales

From: Evaluating the effectiveness of a preservice teacher technology training module incorporating SQD strategies

Using ICT to understand students3.08.843.61.77−4.42<.0001.66
Using ICT to understand subject content3.13.993.58.78−3.24.0019.50
Planning ICT-infused curricula3.20.843.76.84−3.96.0002.67
Using ICT representations to present materials3.−3.07.0031.54
Using ICT-integrated teaching strategies3.09.953.63.77−3.49.0009.62
Applying ICT to instructional management3.11.923.68.81−3.89.0002.66
Infusing ICT into teaching contexts3.14.963.71.85−3.79.0003.63
Using ICT to assess students2.991.003.53.87−
  1. Note: **p < .01, ***p < .001; Effect sizes were calculated using Cohen’s D