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Table 3 Descriptive Statistics and Correlations among SQD and Its Subscales

From: Evaluating the effectiveness of a preservice teacher technology training module incorporating SQD strategies

1. ROL3.76.751
2. REF3.86.71.819***1
3. DES3.73.70.750***.821***1
4. COL3.76.75.721***.793***.842***1
5. AUT3.90.80.752***.808***.852***.850***1
6. FEE3.58.84.694***.740***.793***.759***.786***1
  1. Note: ROL Role modeling, REF Reflection, DES Instructional design, COL Collaboration, AUT Authentic experience, FEE Feedback; *** p < .001