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Table 2 TPACK-practical Scale Sample Items

From: Evaluating the effectiveness of a preservice teacher technology training module incorporating SQD strategies

FactorCronbach’s alphaSample item
Using ICT to understand students.90.91“I know how to use ICT to understand students”
Using ICT to understand subject content.88.91“We discussed the challenges of integrating ICT in education”
Planning ICT-infused curricula.93.93“I am able to design technology-infused lessons or curricula”
Using ICT representations to present materials.92.95“I am able to select appropriate ICT representations”
Using ICT-integrated teaching strategies.87.89“I am able to apply appropriate teaching strategies in technology-integrated instruction”
Applying ICT to instructional management.86.84“I am able to describe ICT’s advantages and disadvantages for instructional management”
Infusing ICT into teaching contexts.91.93“I am able to use ICT to facilitate the achievement of teaching objectives”
Using ICT to assess students.90.89“I know the types of technology-infused assessment approaches”
TPACK-practical, overall.97.98N/A