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Table 6 Teachers Perceptions Regarding Negative Effects of Using Smartphones in Higher Education

From: A qualitative exploration of teachers’ perspective on smartphones usage in higher education in developing countries

CategoryActivityNo. of RespondentsPercentage of RespondentsExample of Quotations
DistractionSocializing via online medium1047%Respondent # 13: “I think Smartphones have reduced the students’ span of concentration. They have to socialize so frequently on their Smartphones that they could hardly concentrate on their studies continuously for few minutes”
Wastage of timePlaying Games940%Respondent # 16: “Present generation is spending too much time on their Smartphones … playing games, watching movies, socializing, etc. Very little time is left for them to engage in other activities.”
 Watching Movies940%
Limited LearningNot a substitute to class room learning627%Respondent # 7: “…. everything cannot be learned by watching videos or listening audio. Classroom provides an environment that ignite student mode of enquiry and eagerness to learn which I think is missing when it comes to learning using Smartphones.”
Medical illnessesTechnostress733%Respondent # 5: “My personal observation is that students are stressed out because of Smartphones; they get less time to sleep and perform other physical activities due to which their health is also deteriorating.”
Emotional DetachmentLess physical interaction1047%Respondent # 12: “I feel the bond between students and teachers is becoming weak because of Smartphones. e-mails and SMS are not a substitute for face to face meeting between a teacher and his students.”