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Table 4 Smartphone usage by the faculty members (for Academic activities)

From: A qualitative exploration of teachers’ perspective on smartphones usage in higher education in developing countries

CategoryActivityNo. of RespondentsPercentage of RespondentsExample of Quotations
Sharing Course MaterialSharing course notes (Word/PDF files)1360%Respondent # 18: “I rely a lot on my Smartphone in sharing course related material with my students. I regularly share my lecture notes, PowerPoint slides and important announcements with my students. I also share YouTube videos to help them understand the difficult concepts covered in the class.”
 Sharing PowerPoint Presentations1568%
 Sending Assignments1255%
 Grading Assignments29%
 Sharing audio/video content627%
Assessing University Learning Management System (LMS) 1253%Respondent # 16: “Our university is using Blackboard LMS and I am its skillful user. I share all the, assignments, grades and announcements with my students though LMS which I generally access using my Smartphone.”
Communication with StudentsSending and receiving SMS/MMS22100%Respondent # 9: “Every semester I create a WhatsApp group for each of the course I teach. I have found it extremely convenient and efficient medium for communicating with my students.”
 Whatsapp Communications1880%Respondent # 18: “I generally encourage my students to communicate using email. I can check and respond to their emails conveniently from anywhere using my Smartphone.”
 Sending and receiving e-mails22100% 
 Creating groups for discussion627% 
Information Search for TeachingBrowsing Internet22100%Respondent # 1: “I am teaching courses to MS/PhD students for which I have to search a lot of reference material. My Smartphone provide me internet connection on the go and I can consult dictionary for new and technical terms.”
 Using Dictionary22100%
RemindersUsing Calendar for keeping track of important events1255%Respondent # 20: “..a lot is happening each semester: quizzes, assignments, mid-terms, projects, etc. Smartphone is a handy device to keep track of all the important events.”