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Table 4 Rotated component matrix and reliability

From: Interaction in computer supported collaborative learning: an analysis of the implementation phase

 ComponentCronbach’s alpha
Face uncertainties within the team.841.046.219.886
Manage criticism and self-criticism constructively.756.210.075
Make consensual decisions.740.280.165
Develop group analysis guidelines.638.409.300
Show initiative.581.304.233
Make contributions to the team outside the task (knowledge, experience or information).534.342.254
Encourage participation.506.323.343
Exchange information sources.482.425.337
Value the contributions of other team members.213.835.230.855
Tolerate points of view that are different from your own.235.808.297
Express personal ideas and opinions freely.190.736.171
Treat teammates with respect.368.677−.056
Share experiences related to the task.486.503.130
Establish times in which the effectiveness of the team organization is assessed.252.127.798.753
Leadership by the coordinator to mediate in the organization.225.060.776
Help other team members to learn.132.333.713
  1. Note: 1 = Cognitive component; 2 = Social component; 3 = Organizational component