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Table 1 Overview of Research Question, Purpose and Outcome

From: Teaching analytics, value and tools for teacher data literacy: a systematic and tripartite approach

S/NResearch QuestionPurposeIntended Outcome of the Review
Q1.What are the current discourses about TA?To explore current discourses relating to TA in the literature.Provide lenses to general conceptions of the meaning, and value of TA reported in the literature.
Q2.What are the various aspects of TA that can be used to inform teaching practice?To contextualise the notion of TA and develop various concepts around TA.A framework describing various aspects of TA.
Q3.How should TA be utilised to inform the teachers about their teaching practice?To examine different data collection/sources, machine learning algorithms, visualisations and actions currently used in TA.A TA model that can be used as a guide for the teacher to improve teaching practice.