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Table 1 Organizational challenges that are experienced as important for success of educational innovation projects (Schophuizen et al. 2018)

From: Educational innovation projects in Dutch higher education: bottom-up contextual coping to deal with organizational challenges

Online teaching- The objective why to use OOE is unclear among teachers
- Merits of OOE are unclear to teachers
- Time available to teachers to develop OOE is scarce
- Preparing and teaching in traditional education requires a different skill set than for OOE, difference in workflow is often not recognized
- Teacher skills in online teaching are often absent/limited
- OOE teacher skill development not part of teacher professionalisation
- Consequences of open publication and re-use unclear among teachers
- Reluctance of teachers to share educational resources
- Changing role of the teacher
- Online interactions with students require different skills from teachers compared to traditional education
Support mechanisms- Suitable technical facilities for recording and editing
- Lack of clear OOE policy on an institutional level
- Lack of organised ICT support
- Lack of a support department with OOE experience
- Lack of support of the university board for OOE initiatives
- Lack of infrastructures and support on these infrastructures for OOE