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Table 4 Results: common complaints and recommendations

From: Improving online video lectures: learning challenges created by media

PaceToo fastSegmentationMayer (2014)
Modified segmentationSelf-developed
Too slowUser incremental speed controlsWildemuth et al. (2003)
Multiple version productionSelf-developed
IntelligibilityVideo too smallUser control zoom featureManiar, Bennett, Hand, & Allan (2008)
Extraneous image/text removalSelf-developed
Text too smallUser control of font sizeAmigud et al., (2017)
Voice too lowUser control option to increase only speaker’s voiceSelf-developed
Voice distortedSubtitle option for compensationCunningham et al. (2010)
QualityPoor video/qualityUse videos produced with higher resolutionMolnar, El-Haddadeh, & Hackney (2013)
Outdated videoFormative assessments to alleviate distractionsPerko, Chaney, Chaney, Gordon, & Eddy (2008)
Media DiversityLacks media varietyLink audio and visuals togetherSchmidt-Weigand & Scheiter (2011)
CongruenceExtraneous noiseVolume control options to mute only background noiseSelf-developed
Split-attentionMedia sources placed in close proximity to each otherMayer & Moreno (2003)
Mayer (2014)
Media sources out of syncSummative assessmentsSelf-developed