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Table 3 Results: common complaints and pedagogical implications

From: Improving online video lectures: learning challenges created by media

CategoryCommon complaintTheorySource
PaceThe information is delivered too quickly.Limited Capacity TheoryMayer and Moreno (2003)
The information is delivered too slowly.Reversal effectKoumi (2013)
IntelligibilityThe video is too small.Extraneous ProcessingLeppink et al. (2013)
Cierniak et al. (2009)
The text is too small.
The voice of the instructor is too low.
The instructor’s voice is distorted.
QualityThere is poor video quality.Concentration, interest, and attention reductionMolnar (2017)
There is poor image quality.
The video lecture is outdated.Engagement reductionCurry et al. (n.d.)
Media diversityThe video lecture lacks media diversity.Generative TheoryMayer (2014)
CongruenceThe video lecture contains extraneous noise.Extraneous processingLeppink et al. (2013)
Cierniak et al. (2009)
The video lecture requires split-attention.
Media sources are out of sync.